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The History of Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry in Nebraska.

God has brought the Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry Outreach Inc, to Nebraska. Nebraska has one of the largest populations of Sudanese refugees, with 10,000 families rebuilding their lives within its borders. We are working tirelessly with the Sudanese population, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in Omaha,and Bellevue, NE. We have been involved with the organizations providing services for 8years. We have Children's Bible Ministry, offering Bible education to children in the Omaha Nebraska area. We teach boys and girls, as young as 10 years old the wisdom and guidance of God. These children spread the word of God to parents who have not known his comfort, and after seeing the change in their children, they are drawn to God. Those people who could not commit to God because of the war in Sudan are able to embrace His teachings through the new life they have found in Nebraska and the hard work of this ministry. We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring more souls to God. We wish to open our arms to embrace those Sudanese who were raised as Christians, but through oppression and violence, were converted to Islam during the civil war. We pray for the hundreds of Sudanese that were beaten or even killed for refusing the orders of their oppressors to follow the Islamic faith. We preach to the Sudanese and tell them that Jesus is the direction, and only way to God. When they come to him they make him the lord of their hearts.As a ministry we continue to work with the Sudanese communities and others in the United States, and around the world. Spreading the message of God to the Hopeless and to embrace what He is doing through this ministry.

Customer Services

Luk's Ministry is reaching out to the community through a weekly food pantry and also helping those in needs of the word of God through its Bible Seminary school of Christian education.

Prayer Request

Luk's Ministry is a global ministry that has partners around the world.We are receiving prayer requests from around the world. Please stand with us in prayer. Pray for us as we pray for you, and those who are persecuted for their faith around the world.


Luk's Ministry Outreach is helping families that are in need of food and other essential needs, such as clothes and monetary assistance, please if God has touch your life, remember those who are less privilege.

Join Us

Luk's Ministry is always in needs of volunteers and to help in the work of God. Please if God is leading you to do something for him, through Luk's Ministry outreach, join us through volunteer work, for the glory of God.