Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry Outreach Inc.

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Professional Biography of Mrs. Helen Luk

Mrs. Hellen Luk,

Praise and Worship Leader, (2001-Present)

Singer, Co- Founder of (ILCHMOI),(2007-Present)

Musician Mrs. Helen Luk's Calling in to the Ministry

During my Sunday school years, as an eight years old girl,living in Nairobi, Kenya, at Gospel Tabernacle Church's Sunday school, my teacher, was asking every student in the class.

What would you like to be when you will grow up? And as young as I was, I raised up my hand in the class, and I asked my Sunday school teacher, how would you know, what you wanted to be in life when you grow up, as a child?

She narrated to me how she wanted to become a Sunday school teacher during her days, as a young girl. And when she grew up, she becomes a Sunday school teacher.

And when I heard about her story as a little girl, I was amazed. "If you wanted to know what you wanted become in life, go and pray and ask God to show you, she said.

Then it was during that Sunday service when I went back to joint my parents in the main Sunday worship services, and until when the church had finished.

We went home after the Sunday worship services. My Mom made us some food and we ate. I went to played with my neighbor's children until evening. I came back home that evening to eat my dinner at our home. After eating dinner, my parents told us to go to bed, because we had to wake up early, for school. That night, before I went to bed, I knelt down on the floor, and I prayed a short prayer, about what my Sunday school teacher was saying. "What would you like to be when you will grow up?" She asked the children in my class.

I asked God to show me what He wanted me to become in life when I grow up in a short prayer.

That night after I prayed, God showed me, a dream while I was sleeping. In the dream, I saw myself standing on the ground, and suddenly, I saw my feet were leaving the ground. I was going higher and higher. My body was transformed into a different body, looking brighter, and brighter, and it was beyond description. I saw my hands were lifted up, my head was looking up, and my mouth was opened, I was worshipping God. The more I was worshipping God; I saw the place filled up with the Glory of God. In that dream, while worshipping God, I was crying, weeping, not understanding, what was happening. But in my worshipped there was too much fear, for God. And as I continue worshipping, I saw bright written words, coming toward me, and in that writing, were beyond Human understanding. Those written words said, "I CREATED YOU, TO WORSHIP ME," SAID, ALMIGHTY GOD." After when I read these words, "I CREATED YOU TO WORSHIP ME," SAID, ALMIGHTY GOD." I screamed to the top of my lungs, crying and weeping, then I woken up. I woke up still screaming, because I was shocked. I run to my parent's bedroom, telling my Mom, what I dreamed, from beginning to end. My Mom told me, that God has already called you, to worship Him. A reason He created you. From that day forward, I knew that God has called me to be, PRAISE AND WORSHIP LEADER.Worship has become part of me, because If I don't worshipped God, I felt like not living fulfilling what God had called me to be. It is my passion since my childhood up to now. I travelled to many places, churches, small towns, big towns, concerts, conferences, colleges, and universities, signing for God. I still sing at Omaha Community Telecast Inc, T.V. (CTI22), where I and my husband, Rev. Dr. Isaac Luk, are reaching out the word of God, to people, through teaching, Singing, preaching, and fellowships. I also lead a worshipped Sunday Service, and Wednesday Bible Study, at my Dad ministry, Riek Mock Ministries. I and my Husband, Rev. Dr. Isaac Luk, do also go to Nursing homes, visiting people in their homes, where they are unable to work, run, but only confined to their wheelchairs. We are sharing with them the love of God, through teaching, signing, and worshipping, teaching children how to worship God, when they are still very young.