Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry Outreach Inc.

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we are bringing hope to the hopeless through the healing word of Jesus Christ, via teaching, preaching of His word to the world, via Bible Seminary School, and through food distribution, to those who are in need.

Christian Background of Rev. Dr. Isaac Luk

Christian Ministry History.

Television Ministry Background in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Rev. Dr. Isaac Luk & Mrs. Hellen Luk, are ordained Ministers of the Gospel.
Isaac is a young Sudanese preacher, who left his home District of Bentiu, Sudan in 1989,when war broke out in the Upper Nile region of Sudan.This resulted in a civil war between the non- black Christians and the north-Muslims. It is a civil war that has lost two millions lives during the two decades. And because of that war, Isaac was forced to move out of his own country, Sudan, into the neighboring country of Ethiopia for refuge, and lived there for three years. He moved out of Ethiopia in 1991, during the military coupe, by the Ethiopian rebels who had overthrown president Manegisto. Rev. Isaac Luk, migrated to Kenya in 1992, and had lived there for the past nine years. During all these troubles, God had spoken to him in a mighty way about his life to save him, and then Isaac gave his life to God. From that time on, the Holy Spirit begin to manifest in his life, even during when he was ordained as a Deacon. He is now fully ordained as "Reverend" of the Gospel. God had given him a mission of: preaching and teaching the Bible with inspirational message from the word of God. And more souls have been touched, where many people have come to the knowledge of the Kingdom of God through his teaching, “Salvation,” which Jesus taught of being born again by the Spirit of God and water. Isaac's teaching had been greatly manifested by the presence of the Holy Spirit, which had drawn many into the presence of God.
Isaac wants to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his countrymen, and even to the world. It is the reason why he had a vision to write this inspirational book, that the millions may “Give Eyes to a Thousands Years” with confidence of waiting for the return of Jesus Christ in their hearts, and let their names be written in the book of life. Why should we give eyes to thousand years? What is the book of life? Is there a heaven, a place of joy and happiness? Or is there a hell, a place of misery and pain? Why shouldn't one want to repent now and be forgiven then to face hell after death? Why shoudn't one let his name be written in the book of life than the book of death? This book entitled "Give Eyes to a Thousands Years," answers some of the critical questions that one may ask to know before the second death. Rev. Dr. Isaac Luk, and his wife Hellen Luk, have been touching many lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rev. Dr. Luk& Hellen Luk, have a weekly Nursing Home Bible Study (NHBS) in many areas of Nebraska. They reach out to the hurting population in the communities, whose bodies are fragile, and their hope for living is just a memory of loneliness. By sharing the Love of God with them, these residents are seeing a ray of light which opens their hearts into the compassion of God, that passes human understanding. Isaac came to the United States, in 2001, where he now resides in Omaha, Nebraska.
Rev. Isaac L. Luk & Hellen Luk,s Weekly Television Program in Omaha, Nebraska,through the Community Telecast Inc. Their weekly Television telecast is changing lives and reaching to thousands of homes weekly, sharing the healing word of Jesus Christ. They are teaching the word of God to audiences of about 5000, or more weekly on T.V. Channel, CTI22, in Omaha, Nebraska.

If you want more information about Rev. Dr. Isaac Luk's teaching, and podcastes browse through their online Webstore on their website. You can buy a copy of his inspirational book, "GIVE EYES TO A THOUSAND YEARS." and a copy of his new book, " How to find a Solid Ground to Stand in the Midst Global Financial Crisis" When you buy copies of his books, for yourself,or for your love one,surely, you will be bless. And if you read his book, you will " GIVE EYES TO A THOUSAND YEARS," with confidence in your heart knowing that Jesus should always be living in your heart daily, as the Lord of your heart.It was not long after God had spoken to him in a mighty way that he should go and preach the Gospel to his country men, the Sudanese in Omaha and Bellevue Nebraska. God had given Isaac a ministry in Bellevue and Omaha Nebraska, Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry Outreach Inc, a non- profit Christian ministry, where people have come to know God through His miracle working power in Christ Jesus. And many lives have been changed, both young and old alike. Isaac had been in the ministry for seven years. Rev.Isaac had seen a vision from God about the end time. This vision convinced him to write this book, “GIVE EYES TO A THOUSANDS YEARS.” He saw the saints were wailing at the call of Jesus’ name during the vision.