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Our Financial Support Mission statement is to seek more financial support from friends, relatives, donors, communities, Christians, and other people, God have touch to bring a bright future to those who are poor in the spirit, women, children and men around the world, through their Financial Support to this Ministry. So that we should continue giving Hope to the Hopeless, by opening everyone 's eye with the Gospel of Christ, one person at a time and to bring people the healing word of Jesus Christ, in Nebraska, The United States, and around the world.

We believe that with your entire financial commitment to support this Ministry, we will bring Biblical truth to everyone, who seek our aid, and who is unable to acquire an opportunity to hear, read, write, and taste the goodness of God's word, through teaching, preaching, and fellowship, but with your financial support to Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry Outreach Inc, you will make that happen in 2011

Our Vision, through your financial support, is to bring bright future into the hearts, and minds of those who are poor, orphans, widows, widowers, and the aging population, through teaching, preaching of the Word of God, without any compromise to tell the truth, and only the truth of the word of God to everyone around the world, who shall seek our help, by your financial support to this Christian Hope Ministry Outreach.

We do have a full commitment to teaching, preaching, and fellowship with others by putting the word of God into practice, through Bible Seminar Courses, Televisions, conferences, meeting, and online Bible seminar classes; this is to bring hope to the Hopeless.

We do have full commitments to teaching and preaching Christian leadership skills, and follow up programs that help the body of Christ to transit into the new life in Christ Jesus through His word.

We do have full commitment to teaching and preaching Christians education as the key to solving social problems, and educating the lost through Biblical truth. This is to bring bright future, hope, and courage to face the uncertain world with the word of God.

We do have full commitment to continue teaching Bible courses, both online and in physical setting to everyone, who seek to advance his/her knowledge of the word of God, to have the full potential to read, write, and analyses the truth of the word of God, in this demented world of faith in God. 

Every amount, that come from the sale of these items, will help us reach out the Gospel of Christ.



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