Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry Outreach Inc.

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we are training Christian leaders for the work of Christian ministries.

We are reaching the world with the healing word of Jesus Christ, through teaching and preaching of biblical truth to our partners around the world, via our Global TV Broadcasting Network, in Omaha, Nebraska, and social network.

Training Christian Leaders for the work of Christian Ministries around the world.

Luk's Bible Seminary School is training leaders.

Happy Christmas, and Happy New year 2014.

Christmas is always a time when Christ is remembered  for His birth, while others welcome him  into their  hearts as a Prince of peace, yet  those who are willing to give their lives to him ,are  granted eternal life. It is written that all things will pass away, but the word of God will always be there. Today as you  hear the word of God, make a commitment so that God can be glorified through your life. There is nothing less when your heart get a deposite of peace  from the one,   who knows it, from  inside of you and outside of your sinful life. Jesus was born into the world, so that the world can find peace through His birth, because He is the prince of Peace, and a Wonderful Counselor.